Weight Loss Magic

The title is to draw you in. The title is nothing more than that. A title. As empty as the words that encompass it. To be blunt, there is no weight loss magic. I said it. It's been said a million times, and people still don't want to believe it. So here we go. Some of the things that people think will make them into some sort cut up Greek god or goddess overnight.

Myth number one: Calories in vs. Calories out

Ok. On the surface this seems like a good plan. But like a lot of myths in the fitness fiefdom it quickly unravels into nothing more than a catchy line. Can you lose weight with a caloric deficit? Yes you can. Where this tends to fall apart is when people crash diet and try to work out on top of that. Running on the treadmill for hours like a hamster chasing a piece of food.

Not all calories are created equal. And we need certain calories for energy. And to build muscle. And to make our brains, and organs function. If you take that away from your body, you will hit a wall and weight loss will cease. This is a very large topic. And I encourage you to research it more on your own. Calories in vs. calories out is too simplistic to base your entire routine on.

Myth number two: Fat Burners

These are the pills that you see online, in stores, and in magazines. They promise dramatic results in a very short amount of time. Remember that. That is a theme with a lot of fads. Dramatic results, little time. So those fat burners, or thermogenics, do they do anything? They do. A lot of them raise your blood pressure, jack up your heart rate, make you feel flushes and anxious (thanks niacin), and don't do a heck of a lot else.

Now, there are a couple out there. Which I will not mention yet, that have some effect. Do not run to your store and buy all the burners. These work, sometimes, in conjunction with diet and exercise. In my opinion the only people that should use these are competitive athletes who are under some sort of supervision by a nutritionist or doctor. If you start taking a fat burner and continue to eat like shit and half ass your exercise, you will not see results. #sad

Myth number three: Lifting weights will make me bulky.

This one gets special attention. Because I hear it a lot. And on the plus side, if the question has been asked then the person is generally in the mindset to make some good changes in their lifestyle.

Here's the answer to the myth. Lifting weights will not make you bulky. This is a question asked by women time and again. And it pains me to see someone spending their hard earned money on a gym membership just to run endlessly on a treadmill. If that is your goal, to work on your endurance as a runner or other cardio athlete, this does not apply to you. Stay focused.

When we lift weights, both men and women, we activate our muscle. Hopefully we overload them and they get stronger so we can lift more weight. When we have more muscle on our body, we burn more fat. Our metabolism works harder. We are healthier. For a woman looking to lose weight and tone up it is important to include a resistance training program of some sort. If you do just cardio all the time and have a decent eating regimen, you will see the scale go down. Not a bad thing if that is your goal. But if you want to "tone" then you need something underneath to tone to. And that's muscle. I promise a good resistance training program will not bulk you up and turn you into the hulk. Women simply do not make enough testosterone for that to happen.

Ok everyone. Thanks for reading the blog post. In the future I will be answering your questions and responding via written and video blog posts. So send in your questions or topics you want to see explored and I will make a video and give you a shout out. Be fit.



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