The Viking Fund and Its Importance

The Viking Fund is so important to me because of several reasons – not just because we are providing veteran gym memberships to those in need, but because I have been in their shoes, I truly want to help other veterans. As a Veteran myself, joining the military in 2011 and my service ending in 2015 with an honorable discharge, I sincerely know what it’s like to have a deep bond with the military brotherhood and after getting out, not knowing where to go from there to find this type of bond again.

While in the military, I became a Combat Infantryman and was assigned to my unit at Fort Stewart Georgia. I was selected in 2012 to become a Tactical Explosive Detection Dog handler. Through this – I learned an immense amount about myself. I successfully completed the course and joined my unit in Afghanistan where I deployed for most of 2013. Within our unit, my dog and I have the most "finds" out of any team. This was a great and rewarding experience.

The Viking fund was mainly started to give soldiers a chance to get into the gym and join a supportive, healthy community. When I was in the army, most of us were gym rats and spent a lot of time working out with one another. Once you get out of the army, it is difficult to find that brotherhood again. That is another reason why this fund is so important to me. This is a way for a struggling soldier to get that back and not worry about the financial burden of finding this brotherhood once again.

As for the benefits for this fund, there are many. This includes personal training, a free veteran gym membership and nutrition help as well. We are currently serving Savannah, GA but hoping to expand the fund. If you are a veteran or you know of a veteran looking for assistance, you can do so through my website at where an application can be filled out.

I know what it is like to lose friends and not have the means to be fit and healthy, with likeminded people. I want soldiers to know they have other soldiers out there willing to give them the support they need in a unique way - with a veteran gym membership. The Viking Fund is a way for veterans to find a supportive group of likeminded people where they can truly be themselves and feel comfortable. Make sure to head to to start your application or email to make a donation today.



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