Crazy Power Lifting Routine

Hey everyone. Welcome back to our little corner of the internet. Today we are going to discuss a routine that myself and my partner (Savage Katt) just finished using. We will post examples and show you some breakdowns of the plan.

Always do something like this under the watchful eye of a coach and make sure you are phsyically fit enough to complete a more advanced routine.

As coaches we personally program for each of our athletes, however the wheel has been invented and you will often see similar items in each program. We strongly believe that your coach should have a personalized program for you. With that said, this is a routine we used to make really aggressive gains in a 10 week train up to Battle of the Bay.

This is a modified program from a lifter who we hold in very high regard. If you want to talk "old school" then this is for you. Rockey D. Crain used this program at one point and his credentials speak for themselves. Look him up. You will see that some of the old school techniques still stand to this day. Combined with modern day science, you can design a super explosive routine.

On to the meat and potatoes. This program uses a short 2 week burst of the 5,3,2,1 method with a someone traditional warmup but also with larger jumps than normal. This is meant to condition your central nervous system to work with higher weight earlier on in the program. It can be modified for all three lifts, however, we recommend starting with deadlift and then maybe think about applying it from there.

Ricky didn't really believe in percentage based lifting, but in my opinion all lifting is percentage based in some way. So that is where we added our spin.

As you can see the warmups start pretty basic and then take a good jump. In the upper right corner of each week we list our goal weight. This should be a realistic number. Otherwise you will risk injury on this program.

As you can see you are touching big weight early on. And this is by design. Recovery is a big deal with this program so make sure you eat, hydrate, and rest. The next phase of the program changes to a 3,2,1,2,3 setup. Again, this is not new but the combination of the two creates an amazing increase in strength. Warmups will change a bit too. With this setup you will be in a constant state of linear progression. Which is the ONLY way to really increase on a regular basis. Linear progression comes in many different forms. Keep it simple.

Ok. Here is the meat of the meat and potatoes. You should be able to see where I am going here. Notice on your 6th warmup you are increasing by 1 percent each week. This continues through the next 8 weeks. Then we look at the working sets. 82, 84, 86 percent. Each week you will add 2 percent to your top one rep set. and move last weeks set down to a double.

As you see we continue to progress at the 1% level during the warmup and 2% level for the working set. And make sure to get your backoff sets in. You will be glad you did.

Now we are getting close. This is near your competition peak. Make sure to leave yourself time to heal after this program is done and before your competition.

There it is folks. The ten weeks that we just finished up. Please always lift safe. If you are in Savannah come check us out or hit us up online.



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