Client Spotlight: Kassandra & Viking Fitness

Viking Fitness personal training has been a great place for me to find the confidence I always knew I had. I have been working with Viking Fitness since mid-June and it’s been great. Nate’s wife Carolyn is how I found out about Viking Fitness. I have been her co-worker for the last 3 years and after hearing my goals about trying to improve my health she said Nate would be a good starting point to help create a meal plan as well as an exercise plan.

Nate at first created me a workout to do at home with the items I already had and after gaining the confidence and strength needed, I eventually officially became one of his powerlifters in October! I tend to focus on all four of the major workouts: Endurance (cardio), Strength, Balance, and Flexibility in one combination or another. Outside of the gym I like to take my 2 year old dog on three mile walks for cardio workouts.

If I have learned anything from Nate, it is to practice, practice, practice. I will occasionally do yoga for flexibility, especially if I’m having a week full of frustration or if my muscles feel really tight. Another great thing about Viking Fitness is the personalization. Nate often throws balance exercises in with my strength training since I struggle with coordination.

My main goals have changed shape slightly from when I first began. My first goals were to lose 25-30 pounds, fix my gastrointestinal problems (we were trying to test and see what I could and could not eat with my IBD), and just to feel better about myself. My current goals are to compete in the USA Powerlifting Georgia Spring Open here in Savannah in April and to continue to work on my balance problems. Overall, I achieved my weight loss goals and fixing my GI problems. Working with Viking Fitness has been an amazing experience.



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