Another lifter and her 8 Weeks our ritual

Guest Author Ashlei Hand

This is my prep for the Southeastern Regional Championship 8 weeks out. I'm sure my routine is no different than any others either being coached or doing it yourself. I train 4 days a week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I get up between 3:15 am and 3:30am and drive 40 minutes to the gym.

Since I have a drive, I usually drink some sort of energy drink and eat either boiled eggs or a protein bar. During workout I will drink a protein shake with protein powder and water. For lunch I'll eat some sort of meat and a vegetable and then the same for dinner but may add a carb like rice.

Now to my workout routine, on Monday's I bench so I did 5 sets of 3 pause (with commands), and generally go up 2 kilos every set. Tuesday I squatted 4 sets of 2 at a set weight. Thursday I do declines and those are 6,6,8 and usually do 5 pound jumps, and Fridays I front squat usually for 1 rep, trap bar for 1 or 3 reps and deadlift for 4 for 1 unless doing for speed then it's for 15.

For me training is sometimes frustrating, but this is when the mental game comes into play. As my coach says “ you can not let how you feel dictate the way you execute.

Trust me it is easier said than done, I am one of those people who get into their heads and that is not a good place to be especially in the powerlifting world. The only advice I have as far as having a good mental space is, trust the process it's not going to happen over night and trust your coach/ trainer and if you don't have one I strongly suggest you get one. is a great resource for gyms and coaches, or you can contact Nate he is an awesome handler.



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