3 Tips to Keep Your Workout On-Track When You Travel!

Finally! The nice weather is here and that means VACATION TIME! Staying on track can be challenging enough. Add in travel, and it can get even harder. But it’s not impossible! You’ve been working hard all year to get the great body you have, but do you trust yourself enough to continue your workouts while on vacation? Well, have no fear! Today, I will be talking about the four steps to help keep you on track and looking your very best even while traveling or going on vacation.

1. Utilize your time

Working out while traveling can be tricky! On the one hand, you probably have more free time to work out than usual. On the other, you’re probably filling that free time with fun activities. It’s important to make time for working out even just for a little bit! If you are going to a place with a beach – take a run, do some pushups or ask a personal trainer if they any tips (We can help with that!). Even check out if there is a gym! Make at LEAST 30 minutes a day available to get your workout in.

2. Stay true to your diet

It is possible to have a great time without sacrificing fun — or ruining all that hard work you put in before your trip. Making sure to stay true to your diet is essential if you want to stay in great shape. Remember that vacations are about more than food. It’s okay to splurge once or twice – just make sure to get back on track! Look for opportunities to order dishes that include high-nutrient, high-fiber fruits and vegetables

3. Working out while away

Before you go on vacation it’s important to know what workouts you’ll be able to do when you’re away. Whether you want to keep in shape, get leaner, lose some weight, or get stronger, working out with just your body is an awesome, viable option. Don’t expect your dead lift numbers to shoot through the roof from bodyweight training, but it can help maintain your fitness and develop your strength in other ways.

Overall working out while on vacation is no easy feat. But luckily with the Viking Fitness phone app you are able to sign in and track your progress, check out trainings and get the same personalized experience as if you were right at home. Vacations should be fun – let us help! Contact Viking Fitness today for more information!



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